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France Montpellier
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amazon flatfishes

food : I give them as food live brine shrimp, bloodworms and of tubifex, daphnia and mosquito larvae

I have three flatfishes, I have a ph of 6.5 in a 120 liter aquarium, size : 1 meter long.

They will go to in a 200 liters, I am interested in behavior and I would like to learn more about their reproduction.

Can you help me?

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2012-10-2929/10/2012 13:59:53
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What's Latin name of this fish?
2012-11-0202/11/2012 08:58:32

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France Montpellier
3 года
Sorry I did not receive notification, sorry for the delay.
While, the store have sold under scientific name: Hypoclinemus mentalis

but Peru aquarists think it is of the genus achirus ...
2013-03-2828/03/2013 10:03:13