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Вопрос по тестам API Freshwater Master test kit

Добрый день!

Приобрел набор тестов API Freshwater Master test kit. Вопрос к знатокам, какой срок годности у данных тестов?
На бутылочках надписи Lot 27A0110 или 28B0310. Я так понимаю это дата производства.
Сколько срок годности реактивов? На упаковке и на вкладышах такой информации не нашел.
Заранее спасибо!

2010-12-0909/12/2010 11:19:07

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2010-12-0909/12/2010 15:02:42

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сообщаю ответ сам же на свой вопрос, который получен от службы поддержки Mars Fishcare.
Вот этот ответ.

"Thank you very much for contacting us regarding our products. All of your comments and questions are valuable. We use your feedback to create the most effective line of aquarium and pond products available.
Denis in response to your question, each reagent bottle has a Lot # printed on the top front of the bottle. The last four digits are the month and year of manufacture. Example: Lot # 28A0110. This is a pH reagent manufactured in January of 2010. PondCare Wide Range pH, Phosphate, Copper, Calcium and GH all last for three years. Ammonia, PondCare Ammonia, Nitrite, PondCare Nitrite, Nitrate, High Range pH, KH, Freshwater pH(low range) and PondCare Salt Level will last for five years. I would not use or trust these kits after they have expired.
If you have any other questions or wish to discuss this further, please email back or give us a call at 1-800-847-0659.
Best Regards,
Nathan Fekula
Technical Service and Research
Mars Fishcare "
2010-12-1515/12/2010 09:44:42